“Ūzoleņi”, Ltd.
We offer horse riding, individual lessons for beginners, riding in a cart (4 horses), riding in “droška” for groups of schoolchildren, riding a horse accompanied by horsemen, organization of various events (such as wedding), and sledge riding in winter.
Ltd “Ūzoleņi” offers new touristic activity for exhausted travellers and locals - "Excursion in horse cart". During a carriage or "droška" drive, all interested (individually, with family, with friends or intouristic groups) can calmly explore Dagda town and it`s history, experience some of many legends that refers to history of Dagda town.
Trotter races are organized here. Book your visit in advance.
Phone:  +371 20206353 
Vecdome, Dagda parish
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GPS: 56.0969387; 27.5488171