Swamp path in Andrupene
The path is about 800 m long. It begins in the highest place in Andrupene (211 m above sea level) at the open-air ethnographic museum “Farmstead of Andrupene”, and then continues along wooden plank-ways set up in the bog.

Phone: +371 29139677

GPS56.19191, 27.39757


Here you can learn about moss, witness the water absorption of sphagnum, see the sundews and cranberries, cotton grass, marsh tea and other plants. Andrupene bog path gives an opportunity to discover the world of the bog. After a walk along the bog the path leads the traveler back to the parking place at Andrupene country estate.

Address: Andrupene, Andrupene parish, Krāslava Municipality

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Length               ~ 800 m

Route type        Circular

Facilities           Parking    
Degree of difficulty   1/5