During the ride, you can experience and feel the values of Latgale – silence, peace, landscapes of Latgale with almost virgin nature in the “land of blue lakes.”

Lenght – 64 km ,

Route course - Dagda – Asūne – Neikšāni -Porečje - Svarinci – Dagda




The Paw”


Bicycle / car route


64 km

Ways of transportation

Bicycle / car



- in two days by bicycle (choosing an overnight stay in one of the tourist accommodations offered);

- in a day by car.

Recommended time

Any time of year, but preferably summer months

Route course

Dagda – Asūne – Neikšāni -Porečje - Svarinci – Dagda


Dagdas TIC (Tourism Information Center), Skolas street 6




You may start the route from finish directing to start, or start at any other place

What you should know

The route is planned individually; there is a possibility of changing route objects. The day and the time of visiting the route objects has to be booked in advance individually in each of the objects or it can be done by Tourism Information center of Dagda, where everything will be arranged according to your wishes with intermediation of TIC staff



During the ride, you can experience and feel the values of Latgale – silence, peace, landscapes of Latgale with almost virgin nature in the “land of blue lakes.”


Route objects


Please book in advance

Krucifikss (Crucifix)

Krucifikss - the crucified figure of Christ as a form of sacred sculpture in Christian world, Roman Catholic Church's sphere of influence. Crucifix – symbol of catholic Latgale, inalienable part of region's landscape and unusual peace of art. Shapes of crucifixes can differ a lot; it can be a miniature figure, which is hung in a necklace or on the rosary by believers, as well as bigger figures, that are hung on the walls of sacral or private buildings, or really large monumental figures alfresco. Latgale is the only region in Latvia, where crucifixes can be found alfresco. Crucifixes of Latgale villages and roadsides are part of countryside landscape, usually they are located far from main roads – those are average size constructions, that can be made from stone or wood and often are garnished with/by bushes. Locals call them roadside or kraal crosses. Usually those are complex sculptures, which include crucified figure of Christ. "In every Latgalian kraal there was at least one crucifix, in the biggest ones – even two, that were located in both ends of kraal. That was unifying and gathering point for people." (L.Latkovskis, Acta Latgalica 2; 1968.) Tā ka As the congregations in Latgale were big and located far from each other, in the end of 18th century, the tradition of holding May church service near kraal crosses was born. These church services were held without a priest, God worshipers were free to choose the leading person.

Address: Zabari, Dagda parish, Krāslava Municipality

The Path of Love

The main accent of recreation place is sculpture of lovers and fabled boat with head of a dragon. This is a beautiful place with an interesting story.

 Phone number : +371 25727379,
Address: Asūne, Asūnes parish, Krāslava Municipality

Asūnes lake

Nature reserve includes two overgrown lakes – Big and Small Asūne lakes. Banks of lakes are difficult to access, but it is possible to observe them from the outside of the reserve, from the highest hills, that are located on the East from lakes. If you have a spyglass, you might be able to see protected bird species, for example, black tern.

Address: Asūne, Asūne parish, Krāslava Municipality

Asūne Congregation Church of the Exaltation of the Saint Cross

First church in Asūne was built in 1680 with the help of Jesuits. Money for this purpose was donated by king of Prussia John III. Asūne congregation church of saint Cross exaltation vas consecrated in 1819. There are 4 altars in the church. Stone bell tower with 3 bells can be found in church garden`s entrance gate

 Phone number :+371 29193397
Address: Asūne, Asūnes parish, Krāslava Municipality

Konstantīna Raudives memory room

Konstantīns Raudive (born on 30th of April 1909, in Asūne parish, deceased on 2nd of September 1974i in Badkrocingen, Germany) was Latvian psychologist, philosopher, and parapsychologist, who has investigated possibility of life after death and created his own method of recording voices of deceased using the phenomena of “electric voice. Memory room is located in Asūne primary school, where you can find an exposition of photography and literary works, which tells us a story about philosopher’s and parapsychologist’s life and work. In memory room you can also hear voices of deceased.

Phone number: +371 22491556,
Address: Asūne, Asūne parish, Krāslava Municipality

Environmental Education and Culture Center “Ķepa”

In Neikšāni, Ķepova parish, an exposition contributed to forest theme is created. It introduces surprising world of forest. Environmental education and culture center “Ķepa” offers to explore the richness of forest flora and fauna, different kinds of trees, mushrooms, protected plants, hunting trophies, stuffed animals and birds, workshops for families with children, students, youth and other friends of nature. Degustation of “Forest goods” is available if booked in advance.

The tourism object is located in border area, so the passport is needed.

 Phone number.: +371 26102894,

Address: Neikšāni, Ķepova parish, Krāslava Municipality


Bresne Congregation of Birth of Saint Anna

Bresne Congregation Church of Saint Anna – Bresne wooden chapel was built in 1805. Until the year 1924 that was chapel, but after it became a Bresne Congregation Church. In big altar, you can observe the painting “Kristus olīvu dārzā” (“Christ in olive garden”). This is the only wooden church in Dagda region.

Phone number: +371 65628421
Address: Beresņi, Svariņi parish, Krāslava Municipality

Svariņi Local History Room

Svariņu Local History Room – an exposition of ancient things – tools, household items, crafts, Svariņi parish history and maps.

Phone number: +371 26150442,
Address: Skolas iela 13, Svariņi, Svariņi parish, Krāslava Municipality

Kaitras lake, Kaitras lake public beach

Average depth of lake is 3.9 meters, but the maximum depth - 7.0 meters. There are 2 islands on the lake. Here you can find many fish species like bream, chub, pike, perch, roach and tench. There is also a well-maintained beach.

Camping „Jāņi”

Place for tents on the bank of Dagda lake, parking place, fireplace and fishing is available.

Phone number: +371 29175521,

Address: Šļahatova, Svariņi parish, Krāslava Municipality

Holiday house „Keiši”

House is located in silent, picturesque place on a bank of Dagda lake, bathhouse, kitchen and bedrooms are available. It is suitable for small groups, which do not want to be disturbed.

Phone number: +371 26374308,
Address: Alženova, Dagda parish, Krāslava Municipality

Camping „Pie Dagdas ezera” (“Near Dagda lake”)

Place for tents, on the bank of Dagda lake. Wide and clean bank near from town center. 

Address: Dagda, Krāslava Municipality


Dagda Tourism Information Center

Address: Skolas street 6, Dagda, Krāslava Municipality, LV – 5674

Phone number : +371 65681420, +371 25727379

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; www.visitdagda.com

In Dagda Tourism Information Center you can rent a bike!