Hello, traveller!
This is a guide-book that will help you to experience an exciting trip along The Green Routes of the border areas of Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus. Routes leading to specially protected nature areas under the state care are called “green” ones.
These routes are “green” because providers of tourism service take care of accessibility of environment for people with disabilities.
You are welcome at the places, where you will get acquainted with the values of the nature and those created by the people. You will listen to the age-old stories and taste dishes of the national cuisine. Scenic landscapes and thrilling activities are waiting for you: boat trips, fishing, bird-watching, building dough bridges, grinding flour in the water mill etc.
The most interesting tourist attractions are described in the guide-book. Our offer to you is to discover them in advance and create an itinerary of your journey yourself! Places, offered accommodation, meals and leisure opportunities are included in the guide-book as well.
On your way from one protected nature area to another we offer you also to visit towns at the border – Daugavpils with its fortress and Mark Rotko Art Centre, or Latgalian Embassy GORS in Rezekne.
When travelling to the border areas, remember to have your passport or ID card with you!
You are welcome to The Green Routes!