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     The building was constructed as cinema in 1953, in 19th of March 1989 for the flag of Latvia was raised. The cinema, which is colored into bright blue-green, still has the name “Komjaunietis”. The nearby buildings also are decorated with soviet union slogans, like “Миру - Мир!”, “Слава Труду!”

J.Basko     Jānis Baško was born in 1923 in farmer’s family, in Kastīre parish, Preiļi municipality. There were six children in Jānis family, so he had to put up with poverty. The oldest brother Eduard brought Janis in movement of revolutionary youth and Janis became an editor of underground literary journal «Olūts»,

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      a monument to the victims of communist terror In the centre of Dagda is located a monument, called "Mourning Mother" (sculptor A.Veinbaha, born 02.09.1923 in Zirņi, Saldus district). The sculpture is dedicated to the victims of communism. The monument was set up in 1996.

2.karu.piemThere is an obelisk in memory of the soldiers in center of town, where 162 soldiers are buried.

Dagda centrs logoDagda historical center. Interesting objects are the old houses on Skolas street  from the early 20th century , built of red brick. They are called “the trading houses of jews”.

ebr kapiOld Jewish Cemetery is an architecture monument since The Second World War. Old tombstones were mounted in period from the beginning of 19th century until 80ties of 20th century. In outskirts of the cemetery, two obelisks were built in honor of 1941 German Nazism victims.



Memorial stone of philosopher Konstantīns Raudive is mounted in Barinauci village, at the place where Konstantīns Raudive home used to be.