Andrupene Roman Catholic Church of the Queen of the Holy Virgin Mary Scapular

The church and the parish existed already since the beginning

of the 18th century. The chancellery reports of Vitebsk governor

of 1854 tells that the present brick church was built in the place of the burnt one.

Phone: +371 25727379

GPS: 56.1831483, 27.3930823

Address: Dagdas iela 7, Andrupene,  Krāslavas novads

The present brick church of Andrupene was built in 1849 in honour of Virgin Mary. The church has no towers and it is quadrangular. The ceiling is made of oak tree. There is a room with three stone altars in the church. In the biggest altar there is a painting of the Assumption of Virgin Mary. In the church garden there is a bell tower with bells.

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