Pilori Oak Grove – the Pilori (Piļāri, Piļori) Oak Grove is one of the rare pure oak groves in Latvia; it is situated on the shore of the Ezhezers in Pilori. Protected by the state since 1928. 

GPS: 56.187676, 27.607884

Address:  Piļori, Andzeļu parish, Krāslava municipality

Oaks are about 200 years old. The Pilori Oak Grove is at the Ezernieki - Andzeļi road, there is established a small parking-place, track, set up an informative stand and created a place for recreation with a dock providing a view to the Northern gulf and islands of the Ezhezers. There are plant, mushroom and insect species characteristic to oak groves; however, they will be recognized by an expert.