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This is a unique experience that combines the essence of a hotel with the outdoor wilderness - Glamping ''Uz salas'' (''On the island'')

Nestled on a secluded island in Dagda lake this place is a getaway from a city noise and stress. This is a unique experience that combines the essence of a hotel with the outdoor wilderness. Open a bottle of wine as the sun sets over the lake and listen to the tune of the cicadas while your open campfire crackles through the night. So why not pack that overnight bag and come spend a night or two with us! 

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It was early 1920’s when my grand grand father had recently travelled across wild Russia in to recently developed new country - Latvia. To the Dagda city to be precise. In Russia he was practicing intermediation in grain trade. As Russian Empire was main grain manufacturer for the whole Europe there was quite a chance to earn a good buck negotiating between farmers and merchants from all across Europe. He traveled to Latvia by train and to carry all of his earning safe he ordered woodworkers to built special design chairs with empty places in it to hide the valuables. At those times there was threads everywhere and you could easilly round up burgled.

He ended up in Dagda because at those times it was one of the biggest merchant place located in eastern Latvia. Every one of this region came to sell and buy thing to Dagda. There was a big influence of jews as well. Historically jews are known for their great ability to talk people into buying thing or for their great negotiation skills. Despite all that he was not jewish and was one of few merchants in Dagda who were not also.

He opened up a butchers shop and was manufacturing and selling meat products.

When Russians occupied Latvia in 1940 my grand grand father and his family ended up in list of “Kulaki” someone warned them and they managed to escape one day before crucial deportations to Siberia.

As soviets were nationalizing all private propertys land and building he owned was now a property of Soviet Union and was adapted and used as consumers union building due to the great size and location compared to building around. During these soviet years house burned down because of thunderstruck. Twice actually it is so because house at that time was highest building on that mountain.

In late 1990’s my family regained right for the property and know we begun planning to renew it as it was - a simple wooden building. But to renew a building so far from civilization there had to be something to do it for. So as a coincidence my parents went for a holiday vacation to Republic of South Africa and spend all of their time there living in safari tents. They came back from vacation full of emotions and stories about how awesome it was to sleep under clear skies with only canvas between you and stars.

So my father made a small model of canvas tent just near our home in Sigulda about ten years ago.

As time passed we thought that it would be a perfect match with pure and quiet nature of Latgale so we decided to make a glamping in Dagda city as it would be a reason to fully rebuild the house I was telling before. I did not fulfilled this idea when it firstly came up because I had recently started studies in University and had too much going on in my life. Despite of it, my cousin did not hesitate and did this kind of lodging and guests really liked it.

So I had a time to think an decided to make it happen. Knowledge I learned in my high school scientific project came in handy as it was about the renewable energy and efficiency of harnessing it it Latvia. Project is located on island so I had to figure out a way to get enough electricity for food storage and other necessities of nowadays, for instance, biological sewage system is one of them if you want to build a proper toilets of 21st century. This solution I figured out only this winter.

Then I redesigned my fathers tent model so it is more practical and roomy inside but still feeling cosy. With help of industry experts I managed to find a place for a beautiful fire crackle. This warming wooden stove will keep you warm even during the coldest summer nights. Interior is minimal to keep place feeling clean an effortless. This way you feel closer to the nature behind the curtain.

We look forward to your stay.




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