Saulgozes baner

Guest house “Saulgoze”
Two-story house is a great place where you can spend holidays, have a rest and enjoy nature. House has celebration room with terrace, Russian bath-house in the ground floor and 5 rooms with beautiful outlook towards the lake on the first floor.

Papeles baner

Country house “Papeles”
Comfortable farmhouse is located on the beautiful and peaceful shore of

Lake Ežezers.

Pie-Okras ezera baner

     Country house “Pie Okras ezera”
     Farm house on the lakeside Okra is perfect for families, big companies as well as small companies.

We offer 3 houses, 20 beds, good beach, bath-house, places for tents and fire, boat rental, fishing, berry-picking, mushrooming, silence, fresh air and good driveway.

Savagi banerVillage House “Savagi”


Closed : sept 2019 - oct 2020


Village house is located in Andzeļi Parish near to Lake Ežezers. House offers comfortable rooms, boat rental, summerhouse and places for fire, tents and sport activities. It is possible to taste honey and enjoy water activities here.