Welcome to
Dagda Municipality !

Dagda Municipality consists of Andrupene parish, Andzeļi parish, Asune parish, Berziņi parish, Dagda parish, Ezernieki parish, Konstantinova parish, Kepova parish, Svarini parish, Skaune parish and Dagda city.

Dagda Municipality is a place where you can relax, spend a good time and enjoy the local culture. There are  a lot of beautiful area where you can find Latgale natural ladscapes, as well as meet warm-hearted, talented and lovely people. Knowledgeable guids will help you explore most remarkable places in Dagda Municipality like manor parks, castle Mounds and churches.

Since ancient times, lakes of Dagda Municipality were alluring people with the richness of fish. Today, there exists a wide range of tourist services such as bicycling tours, smoke bathhouse, Latgalian culinary heritage as well as other local farmer’s offers.

Sport and rich cultures traditions attract tourist attention. But the worth visiting event become Anna’s days festival in the end of July. This festival went down to Municipality history as one of the most unique and excaiting festival in Dagda city.

Dagda Municipality has own beauty, particularity and attraction.