Health tourism


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Recreation base “Obiteļa” is situated in flour-mill building. Silent resting area by the Narūta riverside in the forest offers lodgings for the night, banquet hall, feeding service, bath-house with pool, bath-house tube, boat rental, parking place. There is possibility to play Ping-Pong or Novuss.
The stadium has a special planking; therefore, you can use it both in summer and in winter. We also offer inventory rental.


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Holiday house “Tinēji” is located near to the forest, 300 m from Lake Galšūna and 50 m from the river Narūta. Resting area is perfect for families with children and friendly companies. We offer smoke bath-house, steam bath-house, bike rental, places for picnic and tents. You can enjoy fishing, berry-picking and mushrooming.