Asūnes Local History Room "Asūnes parish"
At Asūnes Local History Room "Asūnes parish" visitors can view the ancient household items and tools, books of older and newer edition, old prints, money, badges, postcard collections.


 Museum “Farmstead of Andrupene” is an authentic complex of Latgalian outhouses of 20th century, where history of everyday life in Latgale can be explored, including potter house with freshly built kiln, where the pottery is scorched. By booking in advance, you can also degustate national dishes of Latgalian cuisine, enjoy performance by local folk group, feel the power of Latgalian songs, to feel the rythm of everyday life of Latgalian farmer.

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The local history society “Patria” has created a local history museum in Dagda; it also works towards preservation of cultural heritage and traditions of the district.

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Environmental Education and Cultural Centre "Ķepa" ("The paw")

In Ķepova parish, in Neikšāni there was created an exhibition dedicated to the forest theme, which gives visitors an insight into the forest world full of surprises.

Muzeji Jaundome-l

The museum will generate interest in visitors about the special areas of conservation. Environmental Education Centre and exhibition hall of the Jaundome manor offers:

Konstantīns Raudive (born in 30 April 1909 in Asūne parish, died in 2 September 1974 in Bad Krozingen, Germany) was Latvian psychologist, philosopher and parapsychologist, studied potential life after death, and introduced his method for recording the voices of the dead by using the electronic voice phenomenon.

Muzeji M.Andzanes

In the premises of Šķaune parish library a memorial room is functioning, poetess Marija Andžāne literary works and manuscripts written by the hand of the poetess are preserved. Working hours: on request. Tourism object is located in border area, passport and a pass are needed.


 An exposition of ancient items is located in Svarini Local History Room: work equipment everyday life items, handicrafts, the history and maps of Svarini parish. Working hours: on request.