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Guest house "Saullēkti ozolos"

Guest house "Saullēkti ozolos" is located in Ezernieki parish, near the largest oak grove in the Baltics, next to Ezezers, the island's richest lake in Latvia.


Ezezers velo

In Dagda Tourism information center there was established a point of active tourism, which gives visitors the opportunity to participate in various activities organized for the active tourism, to rent bikes and helmets, Nordic walking poles and remote ski with ski boots.

  Fishing tourism

  Fishing tours can be arranged upon request depending on the client’s desire.

  Fishing takes place in a fish-rich lakes.

  Primary accent is put on spinning fishing, as environmentally friendly,

  active event after which the customer gains adrenaline also mental rest from daily routine and stress,

  as well - self-caught fish.

  Fishing going by special rules, to save natural resources and to bring joy for others anglers.



     Holiday home "Ezersētas"
     Organizes exciting two or more day boat journeys across the rivers and lakes of Latgale. Rents and transports canoes and life jackets. The holiday home "Ezersētas" is located in Aglona county, Kastulina parish ~ 25 km from Aglona, driving the Aglona-Dagda motor road ashore the Užuņi lake. There are offered 2 separate houses.


     “Ūzoleņi”, Ltd.
We offer horse riding, individual lessons for beginners, riding in a cart (4 horses), riding in “droška” for groups of schoolchildren, riding a horse accompanied by horsemen, organization of various events (such as wedding), and sledge riding in winter.

Obitelja baner

Recreation base “Obiteļs”
Recreation base “Obiteļs” is situated in flour-mill building. Silent resting area by the Narūta riverside in the forest offers lodgings for the night, banquet hall, feeding service, bath-house with pool, bath-house tube, boat rental, parking place. There is possibility to play Ping-Pong or Novuss.

Saulgozes banerThe guesthouse "Saulgoze" is the right place where you can enjoy holidays with a significant added value. In the two-story house by the Ildzis lake there is a place for relaxing, taking a steam-bath and taking a deep breath. On the first floor there is a space for festivities supplemented by the terrace.