Razana velo



Route for active and athletic people. This includes all perimeter of the lake Razna and its surrounding area attractions. From Lipushki to Zosna there is the gravel road

along the same lake. From time to time even seems that it matches up the lake water level. Razna lake coast is mostly reedy. In Lipushki and Zosna area there are many good views of the wide waste of water, which is stopped in Zosna by several timbered islands. Up to Bulan there is about 2 km long forest-rural road. At Zidi it "stops" at Raznas Lake bay in Dukstigals. In a roadstage Foļvarkova-Vilkakrogs there are beautiful views of Razna lake and Makonkalns on its opposite bank. In the Lamashi area there are several well-established beach.

Route: Lipushki-Zosna-Bulani-Chornaya-Vilkakrogs-Kaunata-Lamashi-Lipushki.