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Dear guests and residents of Latgale and Vitebsk regions!

Welcome to the unique tourism region Bella Dvina that includes Latgale in Latvia and a part of Vitebsk region in Belarus. The destiny-river

Daugava, since old times well-known thanks to the legendary trade route „from the Varangians to the Greeks”, links these front-line regions.

This region is attractive not only by the unique landscapes, but also with good, generous people ( The acquaintance of region by „tasting” is not less exciting and informative than glorifying landscapes or inquiring architectural monuments. One of the Bella Dvina pearls – the mastery of our hostesses. Each of us, visiting another country or region, tries not only to see the local objects, but also gets to know a particular traditional dishes and drinks of the region. To facilitate searches for the companies that offer this opportunity, there was issued a brochure that would help you discover the „culinary heritage of the world” in Latgale and Vitebsk region! The brochure includes companies that offer not only traditional dishes of both regions, but also the culinary „fashion” news. The most important thing is that for the preparation of these dishes are used only ecologically pure products, grown in the local region. This brochure can also be useful as a cookbook and can help to hostesses in the kitchen!


With the aim of developing the Latgale culinary heritage network and build its marketing in December 2013 was established the society „Latgale Culinary Heritage Centre”, it combines about 30 companies that work actively in this network and offer to their guests the culinary heritage dishes (

Have a good appetite and see you in the tourism region Bella Dvina!
Tatjana Kozačuka,
The Network Coordinator of Latgale culinary heritage
Chairwoman of the Board of the Society „Latgale Culinary Heritage Centre” 

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