Travelling around Latgale, you can still enjoy a truly authentic and "unspoilt" environment. Here you can see typical for Latgale closed fences that look like small "fortresses" - buildings with wooden front finish with rich decorations, characteristic coloring window shutters, verandas, local garden traditions, black smoke saunas.

Villages in Latgale keep atmosphere of the place-sincerity, poetism, naturalism. People here really speak latgallian! Also the food is very inviting: klockas, gulbishniki, asushkas, krupnik, golupci and without a doubt – shmakovka - latgallian spirits made of bread, cereals or potatoes. There are eminent craftsmen in Latgale. There are many religions together - Catholic, Old Believers, Orthodox, Lutherans, here. Church bells, doors of the old churches, crucifixes in old cemeteries and at roadsides depict an unusually broad nationality have ever been and still is here. Horses in Latgale fully embody latgalian temperament - desire to compete with the neighbors having a better and faster horse. Makonkalns, Big Lime Mountain, Lake Razna are the symbols of Latgale.

Route: Rezekne- Ludza -Pilda-Stolerova-Kaunata-Andrupene-Dagda-Jaunaglona-Aglona-Aizkalne-Preili-Dekshares-Varaklani-Vilani-Rezekne.