marsruts Ezezers

During the ride, you can experience and feel the values of Latgale – silence, peace, landscapes of Latgale with almost virgin nature in the “land of blue lakes.”

Length – 63 km,

Route course - Dagda - Ezernieki- Andzeļi- Dagda





Bicycle / car route


63 km

Ways of transportation

 Bicycle / car



- in two days by bicycle (choosing an overnight stay in one of the tourist accommodations offered);

- in a day by car.

Recommended time

Any time of year, but preferably summer months

Route course

Dagda - Ezernieki- Andzeļi- Dagda


Dagdas TIC (Tourism Information Center), Skolas street 6


Dagda mound


You may start the route from finish directing to start, or start at any other place

What you should know

The route is planned individually; there is a possibility of changing route objects. The day and the time of visiting the route objects has to be booked in advance individually in each of the objects or it can be done by Tourism Information center of Dagda, where everything will be arranged according to your wishes with intermediation of TIC staff



During the ride, you can experience and feel the values of Latgale – silence, peace, landscapes of Latgale with almost virgin nature in the “land of blue lakes.”


Route objects


Please book in advance

Dagda mound

Mound with settlement is archeologic monument of national level. Well-maintained walk and recreation place is located there.

Address: Purpļi, Dagda parish, Krāslava region

Farm “Čadi”

Offers drive in horse cart in summer and in sledge in winter. Organizes trotter competitions in their own hippodrome.

Phone number: +371 26717893,
Address: Vecdome, Dagda parish, Krāslava municipality

White Chapel of Archangel Michael

Built in 1814 as a branch of Dagda church. It is a stone building in Dagda – Bukmuiža roadside.

 Phone number: +371 25960309

Address: Bojāri, Ezernieki parish, Krāslava municipality

Jaundome environmental education center and exhibition hall

Jaundome manor was built in 19th century and it is located in Rāzna National park. In the manor you can find Environmental Education Center and exposition hall, where you can see the flora and fauna of waters, participate in practical lessons or thematic events to explore water wildlife, rental of equipment,digitals programs and interactive visual materials „Ežezers” are also available. By booking in advance you can try meal “Vietējo ezeru veltes” (“Bounty of local lakes ”).

 Phone number: +371 25709610,
Address: Jaundome, Ezernieki parish, Krāslava municipality

Recreation center "Obiteļa"

Offers a stadium with special coverage for playing street ball, basketball or tennis in summertime. In winter, ice ring is located there, so you can skate or play ice hockey. Equipment rental available.

Phone number: +371 29152078
Address: Upmala, Andzeļi parish, Krāslava municipality

Liāna Igaune

If you want to know more about beekeeping, hosts will show you construction of hive, tell about life of bees and their hierarchy, ancient and nowadays honey making extraction traditions, different beekeeping products, will teach you, how to differentiate real and qualitative honey. Offers honey of different flowers, pollen, bee bread, honey with nuts and other valuable products.

Phone number: +371 28797177

Address:  Ezernieki parish, Krāslava municipality

Gulbju krasti”

Place for tents near Ežezers lake – the lake with the biggest amount of islands in Latvia. Offers boat rental, fishing. Here you will be able to enjoy peace and silence.

Phone number: +371 29254740,
Address: Ostrovļani, Ezernieki, Krāslava municipality



Sandy beach, which is deepening gradually.  Offers fishing, fireplace, place for tents, drinking water, playground, sandpit for children, shed with a table, WC. We offer black (smoke) sauna and place for picnics nearby. Here you can enjoy beautiful nature of Latgale and silence, because this place has a special natural energy, that helps to relax an to strengthen spirit.

Phone number: +371 27775019 (Zinaīda),
Address: s. Jurkova, Ezernieki parish, Krāslava municipality

Ežezers lake

One of the most beautiful lakes of Latvia with a great amount of islands and bays is Ežezers (1065 ha), where  approximately 70 island-like formations are located, half of which are islands(33 - 36)  , but the other half -  shoals overgrown with reeds and rushes. In banks of the lake, you may find a lot of touristic places, water bicycle, boat, and bicycle rental places. In some places, you can find places for tents and picnics. There are bathing places in Ezernieki and Andzeļi.  In Pilori oak grove, you can find a recreation place, which is the best for view of Ežezers. Beautiful sight can be seen from Tolstovka hill. In 2006, the lake was included in territory of Rāzna National Park, which is one of four national parks of Latvia, the only one in Latgale. The main task of national parks is retention of nature wildlife and culture heritage, scientific exploration of territory and management of educational and nature safe recreation.


Holiday house “Ezersētas” organizes boat trips on the rivers and lakes of Latgale. Canoe boats rental, transportation and rental of lifejackets available.  

Phone number: +371 29166259

Jānis Baško - monument


              Jānis Baško was born in 1923 in farmer’s family, in Kastīre parish, Preiļi municipality. There were six children in Jānis family, so he had to put up with poverty. The oldest brother Eduard brought Janis in movement of revolutionary youth and Janis became an editor of underground literary journal «Olūts», by attracting more and more youth. The journal was exposing dark sides of Ulmanis regime. Jānis also worked as Komsomol secretary of Nīcgale parish. From the very first days of war Jānis stood out for his bravery, sense of duty and  great responsibility about the tasks he was assigned to do. The life of partisans was closely tied to combat operations. in this period main kinds od partisans combat operations were detonation of railways and enemy’s echelons, night attacks of occupation authorities and police stations, sudden attacks from ambuscades of cars and trucks. On 5th May of 1943 not far from Bukmuiža, not far from Altenieku village, near bridge partisans encountered enemies ambuscade. From 10 meters distance nation`s betrayers - policemen and Germans - opened fire and Jānis Baško, who was in the front line, was  impaled by whole submachine gun.

Countryside house “Papeles”

Great recreation in countryside house with all extras on the bank of Ežezers lake. Nice, quiet place. Offers boat, mini motorboat, wave runners, motorboats, water ski and surfboard rental. Has a permission to drive a motorboat. Well-maintained beach, fishing, place for tents, fireplace, opportunity to pick mushrooms and berries in a nearby forest.

Phone number: +371 26127161,
Address: Papeles, Ezernieki parish, Krāslava municipality

Stanislava Belkovska

Owner of workshop, where top knits, crochets - socks, gloves, hats, scarves, blankets and various other decorative knitwear and embroidery is being created.

Phone number: +371 29175521,
Address: Ezernieki, Ezernieki parish, Krāslava municipality

Bukmuiža Saint Ludwig Roman Catholic Church

First catholic church in Bukmuiža was made from wood. Nowadays stone church was built in 1830 with the support of landlord Ludwig Šabanskis in a time of priest Pēteris Bržozdovskis church is built in baroque style with wooden floors and ceiling, it has no towers. There are five altars in church, in big altar you mey see paintings of Crucified Christ and Saint Ludwig. You may also see art objects of national level inside the church, like  painting of Mother of God, which is  copy of Lithuanian Šiluvos Mother of God Miracle.

Phone number: +371 26472466,
Address: Ezernieki, Ezernieki parish, Krāslava region

Tolstovka hill

From Tolstovka hill you can see a magnificent view of Ezernieki parish and its surroundings and Ežezers lake

Address: Ezernieki, Ezernieki parish, Dagda municipality

Ūdrāji mound (Dubovka, Ozolkalns) with settlement

Napoleon army has crossed this place in 1812 and French soldiers settlement was located here. Ūdrāji mound is sometimes called a Napoleon hill, because the legend tells, that  at the time of French presence there was a battle and Napoleon was injured in this place. There are many legends telling about Napoleon times in Latgale.

 Adrese: Ūdrāji,  Ezernieki parish, Krāslava municipality

Pilori oak grove

Pilori (Piļāri, Piļori) oak grove is one of the rare unblended oak groves in Latvia, located on the bank or Ežezers lake in  Piļori. It is under the state protection since 1928. Oaks are approximately 200years old. Trehe ir a small parking place, an information booth and trail, from where you can see Ezežers lake Northen bay and islands. Here you can also find species of plants, mushrooms and vermin characteristic to oak groves. 

 Phone number: +371 656 81420,
Address: Andzeļi parish, Krāslava municipality

Village house „Savaģi”

Boat rental, shed, fireplace, playground and place for tents is offered to our guests. Here you can also try fresh honey and participate in recreation activities on the water.

Phone number: +371 28797802, +371 26474266,
Address: Andzeļi, Andzeļi parish, Krāslava municipality

Holiday house “Tinēji”

Offers wet hothouse, black sauna, fishing, picnic place, opportunity to pick berries and mushrooms in forest, bicycle rental and place for tents. The place is suitable for families with children.

Phone number:  +371 26832249,
Address: Beitāni, Dagda parish, Krāslava municipality


Dagda Tourism Information point

Address: Skolas street 6, Dagda, Krāslava municipality, LV – 5674

Phone number : +371 25727379

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;

At Dagda Tourism Information point you can rent a bike!