marsruts Aplis Dagdas novadam

During the ride, you can experience and feel the values of Latgale – silence, peace, landscapes of Latgale with almost virgin nature in the “land of blue lakes.”

Length- 122 km,

Route course

Dagda – Andrupene – Jaundome – Ezernieki – Šķaune – Porečje – Neikšāni – Asūne - Dagda



Around Dagda municipatlity


Bicycle / car route


122 km

Ways of transportation

Bicycle/ car


Achievable by bicycle, by car (choosing an overnight stay in one of the tourist accommodations offered).


Recommended time

Any time of year, but preferably summer months

Route course

Dagda – Andrupene – Jaundome – Ezernieki – Šķaune – Porečje – Neikšāni – Asūne - Dagda


Dagdas TIC (Tourism Information Center), Skolas street 6




You may start the route from finish directing to start, or start at any other place

What you should know

The route is planned individually; there is a possibility of changing route objects. The day and the time of visiting the route objects has to be booked in advance individually in each of the objects or it can be done by Tourism Information center of Dagda, where everything will be arranged according to your wishes with intermediation of TIC staff



During the ride, you can experience and feel the values of Latgale – silence, peace, landscapes of Latgale with almost virgin nature in the “land of blue lakes.”


Route objects


Please book in advance

1st day

Dagda town

Dagdas historical center – Skolas street

The oldest records about Dagda can be found in German articles, where Dagda manor and village is mentioned as the home of petty traders and craftsmen. “Dageten’’ is name of town in German in 16th century (year 1559). In the town center, historical building is retained. Those are buildings constructed from red bricks in the beginning of 20th century, so called “Jewish tradesmen houses”

Statue „Sērojošā māte”  

In the town center your view may be attracted by statue “Sērojošā māte” (“Grieving mother”). Sculpture was mounted in 1996 and devoted to commemoration of the communist terror victims. Author – sculptor Alvīne Veinbaha.

Dagda lake

Bed of the lake is sandy, gritty, and oozy. The lake start of river Dagda. There are 7 species of fish living in the lake, its size is 487 ha, 12 islands are located on the lake, and its average depth is 9 m, max. 26 m.

Local history exposition hall “PATRIA”

Local History Society of Dagda "Patria" has created history museum of Dagda region, concentrating its work on retention of cultural heritage and local traditions. History exposition has six exposition halls, each of which is full of things linked to history of Dagda.

Dagda Sacred Trinity Roman Catholic Church

Architectural monument of national level. Constructed in 1741 in Corinthian Baroque style with support of landlord Jans Augusts Hilzens (1702. – 1767.). Tere are three luxurious stone altars with cornices and pilasters and two paintings in the bid altar – in honor of Sacred Trinity and Immaculate Conception of Virgin Maria. The baptistery is decorated with plaster figures.


The building was constructded as cinema in 1953, in 19th of March 1989 for the flag of Latvia was raised. The cinema, which is colored into bright blue-green, still has the name “Komjaunietis”.

2nd World War Victims Cemetery

There is an obelisk in memory of the soldiers in center of town, where 162 soldiers are buried.

Lubāna mound

Lubānas mound is located on west border of Dagda town. At the South foothill lies Luboneņš lake. There is place for walks and recreation, from where you can cee the view of the town and it`s surroundings.

Dagda (Hilzeni) Manor park

Enjoyable place for walks is 300 years old Hilzeni Manor park. This is the only thing left from 17th century manor. Mound and bandstand are located in par, and you may be lucky to see some concert or other culture activity there.

Dagda cave

Dagdas cave differs from other caves in Latvia, because it was not naturally made in sandstone or rinsed in dolomite like those others – it’s a fenomena of nature, because it has constructed from sand and grit if you band, you are able to go into the cave 5 meters deep. The cave is located in Dagda manor park. According to legend, in ancient times here was a secret path to Dagda manor and incredible treasures are buried there.

Dagda mound

Mound with settlement is archeologic monument of national level. Well-maintained walk and recreation place is located there.

Kroma hill

Offers opportunity to see the reconstruction process of 9th - 11th century Latgalian tribal tree castle. If interested, you will be able to try events on experimental archeology and told a story about life in ancient castles of South Latgale.

Phone number: +371 26352522,
Address: Priežukalni, Pušas Zundi, Andrupene parish, Dagda municipality

Sacred Maria`s Scapulars Queen`s congregation church of Andrupene

Built in 1849 with the financial support of Ignācijs Šadurskis. The church has no towers; it is square shaped with flat oak ceiling. The big altar contains “Jaunavas Marijas debesīs uzņemšanas glezna” (Painting “Virgin Marias assumption”). Bell tower is located in church’s garden.

Phone: +371 29816406, 28677608

Address: Andrupene, Andrupene parish, Krāslava municipality

Museum“Andrupenes lauku sēta”












Folklore groups

Museum "Andrupenes lauku sēta" («Andrupene countryside house») will take you to the countryside of Latgale of beginning of 20th century, where you are offered to:

  1. 1. Take an excursion to museum buildings - centenarian farmhouse, cheap, smoke sauna, forge, various tools and household items (1 hour);

  2. 2. Try some national food of Latgale (lunch with hot dishes and snacks) -bread, green butter, cottage cheese, bacon, or warm food - «power porridge» (pearl barley with peas, meat, onions) or boiled potatoes with baked meat and cottage cheese, drinks, and «Latgale`s strong one» - šmakovka (home made vodka), herbal tea, dessert - «asuškas» (30 min.);

  3. 3. See and participate in performance of folklore group «Sovvaļnīki» (1.5 hours with different songs and games)

4. Go to Swamp Trail, where you can discover new fragrances of wild plants, see dreamlike cranberry fields and listen to sonorous voices of birds (30 -60 min.)

 Phone number: +371 26458876 (Skaidrīte),
Address: Andrupene, Andrupenes pagasts, Krāslava  municipality


Andrupene folklore group "Sovvaļnīki" acting in field of national traditions and folklore, provides outing concerts, participates in different festivals.

Phone number: +371 28619846
Address: Andrupene, Andrupene parish, Krāslava municipality

Andrupene swamp trail

In Andrupene swamp, where the nature trail is located, you can explore high absorption capacity of sfang, see “drosera rotundifolia” and bog cranberry, cotton grass and a lot more. Andrupene swamp trail gives an opportunity to leisurely and gently explore swamp world.

 Phone number: +371 26458876
Address: Andrupene, Andrupene parish, Krāslava municipality

2nd day.

Breakfest. Trip to Jaundome

Ežezers lake

One of the most beautiful lakes of Latvia with a great amount of islands and bays is Ežezers (1065 ha), where approximately 70 island-like formations are located, half of which are islands(33 - 36) , but the other half - shoals overgrown with reeds and rushes. In banks of the lake, you may find a lot of touristic places, water bicycle, boat, and bicycle rental places. In some places, you can find places for tents and picnics. There are bathing places in Ezernieki and Andzeļi. In Pilori oak grove, you can find a recreation place, which is the best for view of Ežezers. Beautiful sight can be seen from Tolstovka hill. In 2006, the lake was included in territory of Rāzna National Park, which is one of four national parks of Latvia, the only one in Latgale. The main task of national parks is retention of nature wildlife and culture heritage, scientific exploration of territory and management of educational and nature safe recreation.


Holiday house “Ezersētas” organizes boat trips on the rivers and lakes of Latgale. Canoe boats rental, transportation and rental of lifejackets available.  

Phone number: +371 29166259

White Chapel of Archangel Michael

Built in 1814 as a branch of Dagda church. It is a stone building in Dagda – Bukmuiža roadside.

 Phone number: +371 25727379

Address: Bojāri, Ezernieki parish, Krāslava municipality

Jaundome environmental education center and exhibition hall

Although a couple of years ago there were only stone walls in the place of former building of outhouse of 19th century manor, it was recently renewed. Now the exposition devoted to water flora and fauna and inhabitants of Latvia`s freshwaters, such as fish, bugs, snails and mussels and stuffed water birds in imitation of their natural environment.

Jaundome manner offers program, that includes:

1. Excursion to Jaundome Environmental education center`s exhibition hall to get acquainted with one of the largest freshwater fish collections in Latvia, as well as to see the stuffed birds and other exhibits. (1 hour);

2. Opportunity to view and test interactive material "Ežezers". (30 min);

3. We offer educational games that will interest both children and adults. (30min.- 1 hour);

4. Excursion around Jaundome Manor area and a story about its history (40 min.);

5. A guided tour of bird watching with binoculars - (1 hour);

6. Equipment and space rental for conferences and social events (up to 35 people).

7. Local lakes bounties - degustation of fish soup, cooked according to traditional recipes. (Participation in the soup cooking process - 3 hours, or degustation - 30 min.);

8. By booking 3 weeks in advance, boat route through Ežezers is available (1.5 - 2 hours);

9. A photo session at «Wedding stop»

Please, apply for excursion 3 weeks in advance, so that all can properly planned and organized mobile phone number - +371 25 709 610.

 Address: Jaundome, Ezernieki parish, Krāslava municipality

Jānis Baško - monument


Jāni Jānis Baško was born in 1923 in farmer’s family, in Kastīre parish, Preiļi municipality. There were six children in Jānis family, so he had to put up with poverty. The oldest brother Eduard brought Janis in movement of revolutionary youth and Janis became an editor of underground literary journal «Olūts», by attracting more and more youth. The journal was exposing dark sides of Ulmanis regime. Jānis also worked as Komsomol secretary of Nīcgale parish. From the very first days of war Jānis stood out for his bravery, sense of duty and great responsibility about the tasks he was assigned to do. The life of partisans was closely tied to combat operations. in this period main kinds od partisans combat operations were detonation of railways and enemy’s echelons, night attacks of occupation authorities and police stations, sudden attacks from ambuscades of cars and trucks. On 5th May of 1943 not far from Bukmuiža, not far from Altenieku village, near bridge partisans encountered enemies ambuscade. From 10 meters distance nation`s betrayers - policemen and Germans - opened fire and Jānis Baško, who was in the front line, was impaled by whole submachine gun.

Bukmuiža Saint Ludwig Roman Catholic Church

First catholic church in Bukmuiža was made from wood. Nowadays stone church was built in 1830 with the support of landlord Ludwig Šabanskis in a time of priest Pēteris Bržozdovskis church is built in baroque style with wooden floors and ceiling, it has no towers. There are five altars in church, in big altar you may see paintings of Crucified Christ and Saint Ludwig. You may also see art objects of national level inside the church, like painting of Mother of God, which is copy of Lithuanian Šiluvos Mother of God Miracle.

Phone number: +371 656 53247, +371 26472466,
Address: Ezernieki, Ezernieki parish, Krāslava region

Tolstovka hill

From Tolstovka hill you can see a magnificent view of Ezernieki parish and its surroundings and Ežezers lake

Address: Ezernieki, Ezernieki parish, Krāslava municipality

Ūdrāji mound (Dubovka, Ozolkalns) with settlement

Napoleon army has crossed this place in 1812 and French soldiers settlement was located here. Ūdrāji mound is sometimes called a Napoleon hill, because the legend tells, that at the time of French presence there was a battle and Napoleon was injured in this place. There are many legends telling about Napoleon times in Latgale.

Adrese: Ūdrāji, Ezernieki parish, Krāslava municipality

Pilori oak grove

Pilori (Piļāri, Piļori) oak grove is one of the rare unblended oak groves in Latvia, located on the bank or Ežezers lake in Piļori. It is under the state protection since 1928. Oaks are approximately 200years old. Trehe is a small parking place, an information booth and trail, from where you can see Ezežers lake Northen bay and islands. Here you can also find species of plants, mushrooms and vermin characteristic to oak groves.

 Phone number: +371 656 81420,
Address: Andzeļi parish, Krāslava 

3rd day. Trip to Šķaune

Tīmaņu muiža

Address: "Tīmaņu muiža", Tīmaņi, Šķaune parish, Krāslava municipality, LV-5695

Poetess’s Marija Andzane Memorial Room

In Parish Library you can view writer’s literary works and handwritten manuscripts and memorial articles.

Tourist object is located in border zone; therefore you need passport and permit.

Phone: +371 656 28350
Address: Šķaune, Šķaune parish, Krāslava municipality

State Border Guard issues permanent of terminated passes.

Šķaune Border Guard Division Šķaunes parish, Krāslava municipality, LV-5695
Phone number.: 65403760, fakss: 65403761

Robežnieki Border Guard Division - Robežnieki Robežniek parish, Krāslava miunicipality, LV-5666

Phone number: 65403763; 65629557

Landskorona Sacred Trinity Roman Catholic Church

Landskorona Roman Catholic Church. A wooden chapel in Landskorona existed already in 1696. In 1828 at the expense of landlord Mārtiņš Karņickis the present church of Landskorona was built. It was renovated and expanded in 1859. It is 34 m long and 17 m wide building, built using the base of the old church. In the main altar there is a picture of Holy Trinity performed in a stained glass, and a Jesus Heart statue. There is a sculpture of Lurda Virgin, and it was the first time when that kind of statue was placed in Latgale. A mess is hold in honor of Lurda Virgin on the 11th day of the month.

Phone: +371 29429028 
Address: Šķaune, Šķaune parish, Krāslava municipality

Tourist object is located in border zone; therefore you need passport and permit.


Environmental Education and Culture Center “Ķepa”

  1. In Neikšāni, Ķepova parish, the exposition devoted to surprising and rich world of forest has beenmade to introduce this exciting world to visitors. Environmental education and culture center "Ķepa" offers program, that includes:

1. Exhibition - representation of forest flora and fauna, variety of species of trees, mushrooms, protected plants, as well as hunting trophies, stuffed animals and birds (40 min.);

2 workshops for families with children, students, young people and other nature lovers (30-60 min.);

3 short films about nature themes (20-40 min.);

4. entertaining and educating games (20 min.);

5. Walk forest trail (40-60 min.);

6. by booking in advance, degustation of "Forest bounty" dishes is available (30-60 min.);

7. observation of beavers settlements (1-2 hours);

8. places for picnic and tents are available

The tourism object is located in border area, so the passport is needed.

 Phone number.: +371 26102894,

Address: Neikšāni, Ķepova parish, Krāslava municipality

Konstantīna Raudives memory room

Konstantīns Raudive (born on 30th of April 1909, in Asūne parish, deceased on 2nd of September 1974i in Badkrocingen, Germany) was Latvian psychologist, philosopher, and parapsychologist, who has investigated possibility of life after death and created his own method of recording voices of deceased using the phenomena of “electric voice. Memory room is located in Asūne primary school, where you can find an exposition of photography and literary works, which tells us a story about philosopher’s and parapsychologist’s life and work. In memory room you can also hear voices of deceased.

Phone number: +371 +371 22491556 ,
Address: Asūne, Asūne parish, Krāslava 

Asūne Congregation Church of the Exaltation of the Saint Cross

First church in Asūne was built in 1680 with the help of Jesuits. Money for this purpose was donated by king of Prussia John III. Asūne congregation church of saint Cross exaltation vas consecrated in 1819. There are 4 altars in the church. Stone bell tower with 3 bells can be found in church garden`s entrance gate

 Phone number :+371 29193397
Address: Asūne, Asūnes parish, Krāslava 

The Path of Love

The main accent of recreation place is sculpture of lovers and fabled boat with head of a dragon. This is a beautiful place with an interesting story.

 Phone number : +371 22491556,
Address: Asūne, Asūnes parish, Krāslava region


Krucifikss - the crucified figure of Christ as a form of sacred sculpture in Christian world, Roman Catholic Church's sphere of influence. Crucifix – symbol of catholic Latgale, inalienable part of region's landscape and unusual peace of art. Shapes of crucifixes can differ a lot; it can be a miniature figure, which is hung in a necklace or on the rosary by believers, as well as bigger figures, that are hung on the walls of sacral or private buildings, or really large monumental figures alfresco. Latgale is the only region in Latvia, where crucifixes can be found alfresco. Crucifixes of Latgale villages and roadsides are part of countryside landscape, usually they are located far from main roads – those are average size constructions, that can be made from stone or wood and often are garnished with/by bushes. Locals call them roadside or kraal crosses. Usually those are complex sculptures, which include crucified figure of Christ. "In every Latgalian kraal there was at least one crucifix, in the biggest ones – even two, that were located in both ends of kraal. That was unifying and gathering point for people." (L.Latkovskis, Acta Latgalica 2; 1968.) As the congregations in Latgale were big and located far from each other, in the end of 18th century, the tradition of holding May church service near kraal crosses was born. These church services were held without a priest, God worshipers were free to choose the leading person.

Address: Zabari, Dagda parish, Krāslava  municipality


Dagda Tourism Information Center

Address: Skolas street 6, Dagda, Krāslava municipality, LV – 5674

Phone number : +371 65681420

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;

Dagda Tourism Information Center you can rent a bike!