marsruts Dagda

During the ride, you can experience and feel the values of Latgale – silence, peace, landscapes of Latgale with almost virgin nature in the “land of blue lakes.”





Bicycle route


6 km

Ways of transportation

Bicycle/ by foot / horse cart

Recommended time

Any time of year

Route course



Dagdas TIC (Tourism Information Center), Skolas street 6


Dagdas TIC (Tourism Information Center), Skolas street 6


You may start the route from finish directing to start, or start at any other place

What you should know

The route is planned individually; there is a possibility of changing route objects. The day and the time of visiting the route objects has to be booked in advance individually in each of the objects or it can be done by Tourism Information center of Dagda, where everything will be arranged according to your wishes with intermediation of TIC staff


You may:

  • go by foot, by bicycle independently or book an excursion;

  • ride around Dagda in horse cart after visiting exposition ““Historical description of Dagda…”



During the ride, you can experience and feel the values of Latgale – silence, peace, landscapes of Latgale with almost virgin nature in the “land of blue lakes.”


Route objects


Please book in advance

Dagda town

Dagda is a special town in Dagda region, because it is the crossroad between South and North Latgale – a point, where to stop by, relax, have a good time and decide where to go next. It`s surrounded by picturesque hills and lakes. Dagda is located in Southeast of Latvia, on the banks of Dagda lake and Narūta river.

Phone number:+37165681420

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Please book in advance


Dagdas historical center – Skolas street

The oldest records about Dagda can be found in German articles, where Dagda manor and village is mentioned as the home of petty traders and craftsmen. “Dageten’’ is name of town in German in 16th century (year 1559). Dagda was given to ditrik hilzen for eternal times by decision of his parents and approval of Master of Livonia Wilhelm Furstenberg. In the town center, historical building is retained. Those are buildings constructed from red bricks in the beginning of 20th century, so called “Jewish tradesmen houses”


Statue „Sērojošā māte”  

In the town center your view may be attracted by statue “Sērojošā māte” (“Grieving mother”). Sculpture was mounted in 1996 and devoted to commemoration of the communist terror victims. Author – sculptor Alvīne Veinbaha.

Address: Centrālais laukums, Dagda, Krāslava municipality


Dagda lake

Dagda lake is located in Asūne parish, Dagda region. The lake has a border with Dagda town, Dagda parish and Svariņi parish. Bed of the lake is sandy, gritty, and oozy. The lake start of river Daga. There are 7 species of fish living in the lake, its size is 487 ha, 12 islands are located on the lake, and its average depth is 9 m, max. 26 m.


Local history exposition hall “PATRIA”

Local History Society of Dagda "Patria" has created history museum of Dagda region, concentrating its work on retention of cultural heritage and local traditions. History exposition in congregation house of Dagda Sacred Trinity Roman Catholic Church has six exposition halls, each of which is full of things linked to history of Dagda.

 Phone number : +371 28758948
Address: Centrālais laukums, Dagda, Krāslava municipality


Dagda Sacred Trinity Roman Catholic Church

Architectural monument of national level. Constructed in 1743 in Corinthian Baroque style with support of landlord Jans Augusts Hilzens (1702. – 1767.). Tere are three luxurious stone altars with cornices and pilasters and two paintings in the bid altar – in honor of Sacred Trinity and Immaculate Conception of Virgin Maria. The baptistery is decorated with plaster figures.

Address: Alejas street 2, Dagda, Krāslava municipality



The building was constructded as cinema in 1953, in 19th of March 1989 for the flag of Latvia was raised. The cinema, which is colored into bright blue-green, still has the name “Komjaunietis”. The nearby buildings also are decorated with soviet union slogans, like “Миру - Мир!”, “Слава Труду!”

Adrese: Rīgas street 4, Dagda, Krāslava municipality


2nd World War Victims Cemetery

There is an obelisk in memory of the soldiers in center of town, where 162 soldiers are buried.

Address: Alejas street, Dagda, Krāslava  municipality


Lubāna mound

Lubānas mound (also called Lapsu (fox) and Priežu (pine) hill) is located on west border of Dagda town. At the South foothill lies Luboneņš lake. There is well-maintained place for walks and recreation, from where you can cee the view of the town and it`s surroundings.

Address: Daugavpils street, Dagda, Krāslava municipality


St. Nicholas the Wonderworker Orthodox Church

Construction works of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker Orthodox Church – started in 1914. The idea of building belongs to priest Nikonors Trubeckojs, because at that time there was no oratory in village, but number of believers was bigger than 400.

Address: Pasta street 9, Dagda, Krāslava municipality


Dagda (Hilzeni) Manor park

Enjoyable place for walks is 300 years old Hilzeni Manor park. This is the only thing left from 17th century manor. Mound and bandstand are located in par, and you may be lucky to see some concert or other culture activity there. Guščina river is flowing through the park, and on its bank is a cave, which as the insiders tell, was connected to the main building of the manor.


Dagda cave

Dagdas cave differs from other caves in Latvia, because it was not naturally made in sandstone or rinsed in dolomite like those others – it’s a fenomena of nature, because it has constructed from sand and grit if you band, you are able to go into the cave 5 meters deep. The cave is located in Dagda manor park. According to legend, in ancient times here was a secret path to Dagda manor and incredible treasures are buried there.



Dagda mound

Mound with settlement is archeologic monument of national level. Well-maintained walk and recreation place is located there.

Address: Purpļi, Dagda parish, Krāslava municipality


Jewish Cemetery

Old Jewish Cemetery is an architecture monument since The Second World War. Old tombstones were mounted in period from the beginning of 19th century until 80ties of 20th century. In outskirts of the cemetery, two obelisks were built in honor of 1941 German Nazism victims.

 Address: Pļavu street, Dagda, Krāslava municipality


Dagda Pokrova Nikolaja Old Believers Church

Dagda Pokrova Nikolaja Old Believers Church was built in 1992, the biggest value of church is sacred equipment.

Address: Ludzas street 6, Dagda, Krāslava municipality


Cafe „Papardes zieds”

Offers meals to big and small groups that have to be booked in advance. Owner of the cafeteria Marija Aleksejeva is a member of culinary heritage and cheese club.

 Phone number:+371 29519410

Address: Alejas street 29, Dagda, Krāslava municipality


PIKC "Daugavpils Būvniecības tehnikums" ēdnīca

Here you can enjoy your lunch (breakfast and supper has to be booked in advance) in big and small groups. Working time : Mon - Fri. 8.00 - 16.30

 Phone number:+371 20029811; +371 26237351

Address: Brīvības street 3, Dagda, Krāslava municipality



Working hours: I-VII 10.00 – 20.00
Phone: +371  20399023
Address: Daugavpils street 9a, Dagda



Dagda Tourism Information Center

At Dagda Tourism Information Center you can rent a bike!
Phone number : +371 65681420
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Address: Skolas street 6, Dagda, Krāslavamunicipality, LV – 5674