The main occupation of the fellowship is popularization and imitation of Latgalian historical events and cultural environment of 9.-13. centuries.

GPS: 56.206836, 27.316978
Tālr.: +371 26352522

Kroma kolna fellowship of history activists and re-constructors is the only one in Latgale region, that explores this specific historical data, organizes events of “live history”, demonstrates unique, magnificent, and varied adornments and sags, equipment of   ancient soldiers, recreates battles, and daily life, for everyone to acknowledge ancient Latgalian values, time and space.  Kroma kolna fellowship has begun reconstruction of wooden palace of Latgalian tribes on Priežu kalns (Pine hill), Zundi, Dagda municipality, leaded by Aleksands Lubāns. This is the place of fellowsip meetings.

Address: Priežu kalns, Pušas Zundi, Andrupenes pagasts, Dagdas novads
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