„Teira Latgolys muoksla” (''PURE LATGALIAN ARTS'')
The aim of the society is to study Latgale cultural heritage and creative communication within Latvia and internationally. The society studies and learns about Latgale cultural heritage, carrying out various activities in the field of cultural, natural and intangible cultural heritage. One of the objectives is the conservation, promotion and raising awareness of ancient and traditional values and way of life of Latgalians, promotion of ancient and traditional crafts, materials and technology applications in the applied arts and modern everyday life.


(Evija)  +371 26187266


Pottery – the opportunity to learn about the process of creating black ceramics, to get an idea of the diversity of the world of ceramics and the history of Latgale ceramics. Viewing the furnace and clay modeling workshop.


Plants used in the ancestral household – an introduction to the variety of different local plants that our ancestors 
applied daily and for special occasions. Herbal teas, textile plants, and plants used in medicine.


Beer brewing – a story about one of the oldest techniques of beer brewing (with hot stones),

which is still practiced in some places of Latgale.

Creative workshops – by prior appointment, you can apply to different creative workshops,
such as weaving belts, creating decorative jewelry from natural materials.
The optimal number of people in the workshops – up to 10.