Crafts and Arts

The main occupation of the fellowship is popularization and imitation of Latgalian historical events and cultural environment of 9.-13. centuries.

Staisons logo

     Ltd. “STAISONS' Stanislavs Maļkevičs
Ltd. “Staisons” offers wood processing, designing and production of furniture and different kind of objects, restorations works (altars, crucifixes, crosses etc.), clothing design service, different kinds of textile processing.

NEMA logo          Fellowship of the disabled „Nema”
The goal of the brotherhood is to unite people with disabilities and encourage their involvement in the development of the society, to stimulate active self-education and spiritual perfection, to organize events for charity.

E.Auzins logo

     Elmārs Auziņš

Reed roofs. Participation in the process of laying a reed roof, making of split baskets and wooden souvenirs. Place for trailers.

J.Bartkevics logo     Jans Bartkevičs    

Drawing from childhool but started oil painting just few years ago. Likes painting Latgale’s landscapes.

Painting on demand.


G.Ciganovics logo

     Gunārs Ciganovičs

Offers honey.

Honey on demand.


L.Igaune logo

     Liāna Igaune

Offers honey, pollen, ambrosia, nuts in honey and other products.

On demand.


V.Ivanovs logo     Viktors Ivanovs     

Wood craftsman. Indulges in wood turning, makes wood products in rural style. Turns different wooden plates, cups, glasses, candlesticks etc. And also engaged in painting, interior design, restoration of rural houses. 

P.Murans logo

     Glass house "Minolta" offers: photography in the studio and outdoors, making photographs from photo films and digital media, photomontage, scanning and holiday video shooting. Photo films, cameras, photo frames, albums and canvas are on sale.




     Janis Platacis
Souvenir production.