Nature objects



dagdas estrade parks mini-250x187Dagda Manor Park - the 300 years old Dagda Manor Park is the only thing, which has been left from the Dagda Manor. It is a popular promenade. There is a hillock in the centre of the park. A platform is established on it nowadays. Every year people celebrate Ligo and Anna's Day feasts here etc.

GPS: 56.104062, 27.521605

The main accent of the place is a sculpture of a pair of lovers and a mysterious boat with a dragons head; a beautiful place with interesting legends.

GPS: 56.024692, 27.621006 

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Pilori Oak Grove – the Pilori (Piļāri, Piļori) Oak Grove is one of the rare pure oak groves in Latvia; it is situated on the shore of the Ezhezers in Pilori. Protected by the state since 1928. 

GPS: 56.187676, 27.607884

Plisuna (Plusona) Boulder - the Plisuna lake waters lapp boulder because it embedded the Part D of the Lake. To view the full stone you will wet your feet because the boulder is in the water at the coast. This monolith length is 5.4 m, width - 4.4 m and a height up to 3 m. Its surface volume is estimated at 35 m³. Since 1977th it is the National Protected geological object.

GPS: 56.20971, 28.00569

Ežezers is located in Ezernieki and Andzeļi parishes of Dagda district. The lake has 33-36 islands, which is the largest number of islands for a lake in Latvia. A beautiful view to the lake opens from the Tolstovka hill. There is a facilitated beach. The lake was included in the Razna National Park in November 2006.

GPS: 56.1775670, 27.6166002

Lubana’s Mound– the Lubana’s mound is situated at the Western border of the Dagda town, on the left side of the Dagda-Kraslava road. The Lubonensh lake is situated at the foot of the hill. There is a well-organized promenade and recreation place on the mound. There is a view area which offers a great look to the Dagda town and its surrounding. This is a fabled mound.

GPS: 56.089351, 27.526314

Dagda’s Castle Mound – the mound with a camp is an archaeological monument of national importance. It is a well-organized promenade and recreation place. It is located in Dagda city.

GPS: 56.105452, 27.538906
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Dagda's cave

It is a cave of peculiar origin at the border of Dagda town, on the right bank of the tributary of the river Narūta – the small river Guščica. The cave has formed in naturally cementing gravel rocks. Legends about hidden treasures and about a secret passage to Dagda church are connected with this cave.

GPS: 56.1028873, 27.5163146

Andrupene swamp path – along the way beyond the Farmstead of Andrupene, after climbing the mountain and coming down quite unexpectedly, we come into a small bog. Here we can get acquainted with moss, verify the water uptake of sphagnum, see on drosera rotundifolia and oxycoccus palustris, view cotton-grass, marsh tea and comarum palustre.

GPS: 56.191882, 27.397630