Hostel of Dagda secondary school

Youth hostel in Dagda secondary school offers quadruple rooms with two-story beds. As well as we offer to organize summer camps and feeding for groups.

GPS: 56.097777, 27.533197

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Phone: +371 29888275


Vacation cottage “Pinti”

There are two houses on the lakeside Oloveca, where hospitable owners are keeping the house.  You can enjoy countryside silence and peace here. We offer boats rental and places for fishing, tents and fire as well as the safe beach for children.

Phone: +371 26410859

GPS: 56.1717, 27.43206

Vacation cottage “Runčuki”
Holiday house “Runčuki” is a resting area in margin of Lake Oloveca for families and friendly companies. There are a good place for swimming, a bath-house, places for picnic and tents, sports ground, boat rental here. You can enjoy fishing, berry-picking and mushrooming.

Phone: +371 28375881; +371 29364881

GPS: 56.15792, 27.44404

Sprogas baner

Vacation cottage “Sprogas”
Vacation cottage “Sprogas” is located in the hilly and picturesque place on the lakeside Žugura. We offer lodging for the night for 8 persons, recreation in nature and water. There are possibilities to swim, to fish, to pick berries and mushrooms there.  You can buy dairy products, vegetables and honey here.

GPS: 56.2029514, 27.4403104

 Phone+371 26568309

Vacation cottage “Tinēji”
Holiday house “Tinēji” is located near to the forest, 300 m from Lake Galšūna and 50 m from the river Narūta. Resting area is perfect for families with children and friendly companies. We offer smoke bath-house, steam bath-house, places for picnic and tents. You can enjoy fishing, berry-picking and mushrooming.

GPS: 56.127354, 27.580498

Vacation cottage “Zundi”


Number of rooms: 3 (1 x 3-bed room; 1 x 1-bed room, walk-through; 1 x 2-bed room).

Bed linen and towels are provided. Shared facilities.

Guests have access to a kitchen with kitchenware and appliances, TV.

There is an outdoor fireplace with an arbor, grill, fireplace, parking. Great opportunity to swim and fish.

The holiday house offers:

  • Country sauna with bath brooms, towels.
  • Rowing boat.

Nearest grocery store: Andrupene (5 km)

GPS: 56.1922954, 27.3191138

Phone: +371 26359568; +371 29134246

Address:  Zundi, Andrupenes pagasts, Krāslavas novads 

Lejas Ezersetas baner

   Holiday house "Lejas Ezersētas" offers recreation in countryside near Užuņu lake. House facilities: banquet hall, kitchen (refrigerator, electric stove etc.), wardrobe on the first floor,  4 bedrooms and room for children with a slide on the second floor, WCs on both floors. Sauna. Perfect place for rest for small companies / families. The holiday house also offers organization of banquets (weddings, birthday parties etc.) for up to 75 guests.

ezersetas baner

Available:  MAY - OCTOBER
The vacation cottage "Ezersētas" is located in Aglona county, Kastulina parish ~ 25 km from Aglona, driving the Aglona-Dagda motor road ashore the Užuņi lake. There are offered 2 separate houses.

Guest house “Saulgoze”
Two-story house is a great place where you can spend holidays, have a rest and enjoy nature. House has celebration room with terrace, Russian bath-house in the ground floor and 5 rooms with beautiful outlook towards the lake on the first floor.

Phone: +371 28336656, +371 29912646

GPS:  56.0202, 27.47695

Papeles baner

Country house “Papeles”
Comfortable farmhouse is located on the beautiful and peaceful shore of

Lake Ežezers.

GPS: 56.1856755, 27.6157760
Phone: +371 26127161