Okra Roman Catholic wooden church was built in 1819.

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     Dagda St. Trinity Roman Catholic Church

The church was built in honour of Holy Trinity in Corinthian Baroque style in 1741. It was built by the landlord Jans Augusts Hilzens (1702-1767). There are three magnificent stone altars with cornices and pilasters.

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     Dagda Pokrov St. Nicholas Old Believers church

The building is not a cultural-historical monument, but the inner furnishings and holy things of the church are of great value. Working hours: on request.


     Saint Nicholas The Miracle – worker Orthodox Church
The building started to be built in 1914. The idea to build the church belongs to the priest Nikonors Trubeckojs, as at that time there were no churches in the hamlet, but the number of believers was over four hundred. In July 7, 1915 the church was consecrated. Unfortunately, that building did not survive to our times.



     Andrupene St. Virgin Maria Roman Catholic Church
The church and the parish existed already since the beginning of the 18th century. The chancellery reports of Vitebsk governor of 1854 tells that the present brick church was built in the place of the burnt one.


     Asune Roman Catholic Church of Honoring of the Holy Cross.

First church in Asūne was built in 1680 with the help of Jesuits. Money for this purpose was donated by king of Prussia John III. Asūne congregation church of saint Cross exaltation vas consecrated in 1819.


Beresne Roman Catholic Church of Birth of Saint Anna – Beresne wooden chapel was built in 1805. Until the year 1924 that was chapel, but after it became Beresne Roman Catholic Church of Birth of Saint Anna. In big altar, you can observe the painting “Kristus olīvu dārzā” (“Christ in olive garden”). This is the only wooden church in Dagda region.

Bolto kapelaSt. Archangel Michael chapel was built in 1814 as branch of Dagda church. In 1993 chapel was renewed by support of people on the spot. It is a stone building located in Dagda – Bukmuiza highway aside, which was taken away from believers during Soviet Union.
Lugsanas-namins     Preaching-House is located in Andzani in Berzini Parish near the road. There everyone can find peace in their hurried and variable life.